Hessians on the Field

Join us for a Highlight of the Potato Festival

In case you haven’t heard of this ‘signature, high fashion event’, this is the time when you get to be creative by making an outfit or costume out of … you guessed it … the good old potato sack! It is a potato festival, after all.

We know that hessian potato sacks aren’t the easiest thing to get your hands on, so the hessian material used to make them is the theme. Let your imagination run wild!

It’s time for your four-legged friend (or two-legged if they are a duck) to dress up and join the field and strut, waddle, or simply ‘allow’ you to lead them down the fashion runway in their own ‘paw-tato’ outfit (also made using 50% hessian)!

You can strut your stuff together, or let your pet be the star of the show. You will be judged individually, so if your pet is a goat and eats their outfit during the parade, you are still in the running for a prize!

And for the guys out there – this is your chance to be a ‘real spud’ and vie for the crown … it’s not just for ladies and pets!

Meet Emma Watkins as a guest judge of the Hessian on the Field Competition! Australian children’s entertainer, singer, actress, and dancer, best known as a former yellow Wiggle.

We know they’re small potatoes,

but the Details & Rules are helpful!

Our regular categories are most definitely taking the field.

There’s the Open category set for some stiff competition and the opportunity for our Under 16’s to shine once again.

Be sure to enter online by April 19 and show up at 1.30pm ready for the parade and judging at 2.30pm on May 5 at the Robertson Showground.

This will put you in the running for great prizes and the glory of being crowned the ‘Hottest of Hot’ (potato) for 2024.

A few rules to keep in mind before you begin designing:

  • Outfits must be made from at least 50% hessian
  • It has to be a new outfit made between May 2023 and May 2024
  • The outfits must be wearable and makers and their model (if you are not wearing yourself) must be present and able to parade at the festival on Sunday, May 5
  • The maker must be available to be awarded the ‘Crown’
  • Under 16’s division entries need to have been made by a person under 16, not just modelled by one. And, no, the Pet category doesn’t mean the pet has to make it, that category can be made by anyone.
  • You must agree for the model and outfit images to be used in the media.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • The fun factor is mandatory!

There are a few more simple rules, so be sure to check out the full list in our Rules, T&C’s.